Applications of Percutaneous Hydrotomy

Painless Arthritis Remedies

Degenerative or mechanical arthritis is a group of conditions where the main problem is damage to the cartilage which covers the ends of the bones. Normally the smooth, slippery cartilage helps the joint to move smoothly. In this type of arthritis the cartilage becomes thinner and rougher. The bone underneath then tries to repair this damage but sometimes alters the shape of the joint. It is more common in older people and particularly affects the joints that get heavy use, such as hips and knees. It can also result from previous damage to the joint, for example a fracture, or previous inflammation in the joint.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy is an advanced and highly effective painless treatment for arthritis. This painless remedy for arthritis stimulates the immune-incompetent mucous membrane in a controlled manner and, is such a way that its function is restarted by stimulating its immune defenses with small quantities of non-specific vaccines for cellular mediation, and by regenerating it with vitamins and trace elements (vitamin B5, sulfur, manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc, nickel). Thus, in the course of treatment sessions, the mucous membrane acquires a new immunological competence and regenerative state that allows it to reactivate its self-regulation mechanism. It can acquire a new immunity close to that of a normal subject following a sufficient immune restraining.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy is one of the very few painless arthritis remedies that produces long lasting positive results with no adverse secondary effects or risks without the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, stem cells and acupuncture, ozone or chiropractic therapies.

Non-invasive Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a very common form of join pain that a human body suffers from. It is not just related to the spine but also to the muscles and nerves that constitute our back. Any kind of damage to one of these will result in constant and severe pain. While some of the back pain is caused by a sudden sprain of muscles, most kinds of back pain are developed over a period of time. We should blame our wrong postures, constant lifting of weights, excessive pressure on the back as the common place cause for back pain. Strained muscles, damaged ligaments and tendons, injury to the back, fracture and severely damaged spine will lead to different degrees of back pain and also several other complications as discal hernias.

Momentary back pain caused by sprain or ligament damage can be treated and completely cured with regular medicines and rest. Homemade and natural remedies also prove to be good helping hands in such cases. In the case of severe damage and acute back pain, the treatment becomes intense. Even when strong dose of medicine and associated treatment does not deliver satisfactory results, invasive treatment or surgery becomes inevitable.

Is it possible to avoid surgery and yet be relieved from acute back pain? This would be the obvious question. The Pain Medical Center is pleased to tell you that yes it is. We bring to you a revolutionary non invasive way of treating back pain that is able to provide complete cure from any kind of acute back pain without any surgical procedure. Percutaneous Hydrotomy  is an advanced French therapy that helps people suffering with back pain and other joint pain to recover and get back to a healthy life. This much acclaimed and popular non invasive back pain cure has been helping thousands of people around Europe for more than 40 years.

The treatment uses an advanced treatment which uses natural chemicals, vitamins and minerals that act as stimulus in human body to produce more antibodies. These antibodies will then fight the actual cause of back pain relieving the spine from its suffering. As the treatment uses natural elements, the body will grow stronger unlike the heavy sedative drugs that will weaken several internal organs. As simple as it sounds, Percutaneous Hydrotomy is a proven therapy for non invasive back pain treatment successfully getting people back on their feet and enjoying life. Turn away from the painful surgery and embrace this natural therapy. 

Herniated Disk and Percutaneous Hydrotomy

A herniated disk is also referred to as a “slipped disk” or “ruptured disk.” These disks are the rubbery circular pads found between the spaces of your spinal vertebrae, which act as a shock absorber when you bend or curve your back. Each disk has a soft, jelly-like center that cushions the nerves within the spine. When a disk dislocation occurs, the jelly center of the disk is pushed out through a crack in the rubber casing of the disk. At this point, any back movements may pinch the nerve encased in the slipped portion of the disk and cause symptoms.

When a disk is herniated, the patient may have symptoms in a few days later or in some cases immediately. Herniated disks can occur anywhere along the spinal column, from the neck to the middle back or lower back but more commonly in the lower back area.

The cause of a herniated disk is typically the result of strenuous physical activity involving the spinal column from sports, lifting heavy objects or due to overweight pressure placed on the spine.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy treatments stimulate the production of new antibodies and increases our defenses by the use of essential trace elements, Quinton isotonic sterile sea water containing 92 chemical elements from Mendeleev’s periodic table together with vitamins and minerals resulting in a composition very similar to human plasma plus certain amino acids to remove toxic heavy metals deposits from the treated areas. As a result, generation of new mucous membrane occurs reducing compression and cartilage inflammation which produces pain, discomfort, and limitation of movement in the affected areas.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy produces long lasting positive results with no adverse secondary effects or risks without the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, stem cells and acupuncture, ozone or chiropractic therapies.

Non-surgical Joint Pain Treatment

A paining joint is a great hindrance to the wellbeing of a person and can force a person to cut down on great deal of activities that he used to do with ease earlier. Some of the most common joints in human body to be affected by pain are knees, shoulders, hips and spine. As these are the most used joints in our body they have a greater chance of being damaged or injured. 

Various streams of medical science have been researching and experimenting on this issue in an attempt to find the fitting remedies for joints pain. Mainstream medicine can treat minor pains and injuries but when it comes to severe arthritis or other joint related disorders, it does not have any solution but a surgical procedure. However there is a more effective and positive non-surgical treatment for joint pain available today that is not only able to challenge joint replacement surgery but has also successfully cured paining joints in thousands of people across Europe. This highly advanced therapy is called Percutaneous Hydrotomy which originated in France about 40 years and since then has been immensely successful in complete treating joint pains without surgery.

The Pain Medical Center brings to you this ground breaking therapy that can completely heal your joint pain without any surgical procedures or harmful drugs. On the contrary, Percutaneous Hydrotomy is a completely non-surgical joint pain treatment where medicine is derived from nature and human body is stimulated to heal itself. The secret of the success of this treatment lies in its medicine and how it works in human body. This advanced medicine is a well-researched combination of natural chemicals, vitamins and minerals that boosts the production of antibodies in a person which will intern fight the root cause of all kinds of joint pain. Every person who has suffered with aching joints for all these years should give this medicine a change to prove itself. A total deliverance from join pain is now within your reach.

Knee Pain Treatment without Surgery

As a fitting alternatives to painful knee surgery, The Pain Medical Center offers a ground breaking painless knee pain treatment without surgery following an extremely popular French therapy known as Percutaneous Hydrotomy that has been practiced in Europe for the past 40 years. The Pain Medical Center specializes in this treatment and comes as a ray of hope for thousands of people who have been seeing knee surgery as their only option.

This advanced therapy for knee pain and other joint pains increases the production of antibodies in the person suffering and thus give the human body the ability to fight the elements that cause pain. The treatment is positive, strengthens human body to fight pain and the results are long lasting. Unlike mainstream medicine that has side effects and do not yield complete recovery, this non-surgical knee pain treatment by The Pain Medical Center comes with great advantages without any side effects. 

Pain in predominant joints like the knees can have several causes. Understanding these causes will help in treating the pain effectively and successfully. The reasons for joint pain could be many and they determine the severity and the extent of suffering a person might go through. Excessive pressure on the knee joints would strain them leading to severe pain. But such kind of common place knee pain will be relieved with a few days of rest and relaxation. Injuries or accidents are another reason for hurting knees. Torn ligaments, damaged cartilage, meniscus injuries, dislocated bones or fractured bones can lead to intolerable pain. Such kind of pain requires immediate medical help.

Main stream medical science resorts to surgery as the only option when medication fails to treat knee pain. But one should understand that surgery is not an easy solution. It is a complicated procedure, involves great deal of pain and not everyone can undergo knee surgery. 

Do not give into the painful knee surgery as your last hope. You can get back on those knees and go about enjoying your daily life as you did years ago without any surgical procedures. A completely painless and positive natural way of treating knee pain without surgery awaits you at The Pain Medical Center. 

Not only do we offer knee pain treatment without surgery but also extend our phenomenal treatment to relieve spine, shoulder, joints related pain. Regular medications aim at reducing pain and addressing the symptoms of knee pain which do not assure complete relief. Percutaneous Hydrotomy will successfully uproot chronic knee pain as it treats the actual cause itself.

Non-surgical Shoulder Treatment

Taking our eyes off the main stream medicine would throw light on an extremely successful French therapy offered by The Pain Medical Center. This completely painless non-surgical way of treating shoulder pain is performed using a therapy called Percutaneous Hydrotomy. Although this treatment is less known in the USA, it is a well-known therapy practiced in Europe for more than 40 years which has relieved thousands of patients from their shoulder pain symptoms.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy is a revolutionary method of treatment originating from France and approved by the ANSM (French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety). Rare and extremely effective elements derived from nature to constitute this highly effective and yet painless treatment. The success of this painless shoulder treatment without surgery lies in the fact that it treats the cause of pain and not the symptoms using natural elements. The treatment consists of handpicked natural chemical elements, vitamins and minerals that stimulate human body to produce more antibodies to fight the cause of pain. Your shoulder joints will gradually be healed and rejuvenated with the help of this completely painless treatment.

Given the fact that our shoulders are a complex system of bones and muscles and we use them extensively, they are widely prone to injuries. Shoulder pain is the most common ailment that patients complain about. Shoulder injuries can be as minor as a sprain or strained muscles to severe conditions, overuse of these joints, dislocation and even broken bones.  It may be easy to completely cure minor injuries, but major injuries can bring a person’s life to a complete halt. The extreme pain will become a huge constraint leaving a person disabled.

The Pain Medical Center introduces such a positive and highly successful treatment to thousands of people suffering with intolerable shoulder pain. Say no to painful surgery and loads of painkiller drugs that have weakened your body all these years. Allow us to help you break free from the debilitating shoulder pain.

Cure Tinnitus Without Surgery

Tinnitus can not be termed as a disease because it is often a symptom of some other medical condition. A person suffering with tinnitus will frequently or all the time hear various kinds of sound which actually do not exist around him. People often complain of hearing buzzing sound, ringing sound, wind, ocean, roaring, sound of crickets and even sometimes music. Such kind of constant sound creates great disturbance in a person’s mind. 

When left untreated, tinnitus can create chaos in a person’s life eventually affecting his mental health. Medical science widely agrees that tinnitus is a symptom of another major ailment.

In several cases where tinnitus is a temporary disturbance, medication, rest and meditation generally ease the problem and the person starts hearing normally. In cases where tinnitus is a clear symptom of another serious medical condition, it continues to disturb the person until the actual disease is completely cured. But in cases of tinnitus where no treatment works, doctors suggest ear surgery as the final option. But because of the pain and high risk, many people choose to decline from surgery and continue to suffer.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy offered by the Pain Medical Center has now emerged as an alternative therapy that offers to cure tinnitus without surgery. This revolutionary treatment can achieve such success because it aims at finding out the real problem causing ear buzzing and treat that problem from the root. This therapy has been successfully helping people across Europe as a non-surgical cure for tinnitus for more than two decades relieving them from their pain and suffering related to joints and spine. The medicine administered is completely natural and acts on the human body to build its strength enabling pain symptoms to disappear. This treatment we offer at the Pain Medical Center specifically works helps in curing tinnitus without surgical procedure. This treatment will cure tinnitus without surgery or any other kind of painful procedure.

If you have been suffering from tinnitus for a long time without finding the right remedy, its time for you to visit the Pain Medical Center and allow us to examine your ailment. A positive, painless and highly successful treatment awaits you.