Percutaneous Hydrotomy

Our treatments are based on the Percutaneous Hydrotomy therapy which is the newest and most advanced French medical philosophy that treats the CAUSE OR PATHOLOGY AND NOT THE SYMPTOMS as in the case of spine and joint pain, arthritis, herniated discs, arthrosis and other pain-producing disorders.

These treatments stimulate the production of new antibodies and increases our defenses by the use of essential trace elements, Quinton isotonic sterile sea water containing 92 chemical elements from Mendeleev’s periodic table together with vitamins and minerals resulting in a composition very similar to human plasma plus certain amino acids to remove toxic heavy metal deposits from the treated areas. As a result, generation of new mucous membrane occurs reducing compression and cartilage inflammation which produces pain, discomfort, and limitation of movement in the affected areas.

Please visit our Testimonials section where you can view objective results of our pain relief treatments by the use of long term follow-up magnetic resonance studies resulting in dramatic reduction in the herniated disc volume proving the efficacy of back pain relief treatments by the use of Percutaneous Hydrotomy.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy produces long lasting positive results with no adverse secondary effects or risks without the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, stem cells and acupunture, ozone or chiropractic therapies for the following pathologies:

Back and joint pains, arthritis, arthrosis, disc hernias, bone calcifications, narrow lumbar canal, temporomandibular joint pain and disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, neuralgia, tinnitus and others.

Please go to for more detailed information about these treatments under the International Society of Percutaneous Hydrotomy in France, where you will also find under Mexico our accredited medical staff and center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.