How do the treatments work?
  Percutaneous Hydrotomy is a regenerative treatment that treats the root cause of the problem instead of the symptoms and alters the imbalance of the condition without the use of anti/inflammatory or analgesic drugs. Pain is not masked in order to obtain a lasting effect and when pain subsides the degenerative imbalance has been conquered. See also the Percutaneous Hydrotomy section.
What success have patients experienced with Percutaneous Hydrotomy?
  The International Association of Percutaneous Hydrotomy has observed 90% lasting effects in more than 40 years of treating the cause and not the symptoms in thousands of patients eliminating pain and discomfort without the use of anti-inflammatory or analgesic drugs.
Is Percutaneous Hydrotomy painful?
  As a rule, no. It may be a bit disagreeable, like with any injection, but benefits from the application of a diluted local anesthetic, which makes the session more comfortable for the patient.
How many treatment sessions do I have to receive to see results?
  This will be determined by our medical staff on a case by case basis during your free medical evaluation. Your first step is to go to our free medical evaluation section to fill out the questionnaire and send us the pertinent data that you may have concerning your condition including radiological studies, reports etc. or call our patient coordinator dept. at US 305 280 3042 if you have any questions. Subsequently, we will inform you of the recommended course of treatment, length of stay and costs involved.
How frequent are the treatment sessions?
  Depending on the pathology and protocol followed from four to six sessions per week.
 Are there any side effects from the treatments?
  No side effects have ever been reported.
How long is each treatment session?
  From 25 to 60 minutes depending on the pathology being treated.
Is Percutaneous Hydrotomy offered in the United States?
  At present, there are no medical doctors accredited or trained to perform these therapies in the United States.
What is the International Association of Percutaneous Hydrotomy?
  The International Association for Percutaneous Hydrotomy (Association Internationale d’ Hydrotomie Percutanée – A.I.H.P.) is an association registered in France (association loi 1901) whose purposes are promoting the care techniques using Percutaneous Hydrotomy, accredit the diffusion of the knowledge administering the training for these techniques, enhancing the research in Percutaneous Hydrotomy and making easier the communication between medical practitioners, therapists and patients.
Is Percutaneous Hydrotomy a recognized or validated treatment?
  Percutaneous Hydrotomy uses the principle of very dilute meso-therapy or meso-dilution which has been recognized and validated by the Académie de Médecine, l’ Ordre des Médecins, and the ANAES (French national agency for healthcare accreditation and evaluation). It is taught in university hospitals with an inter-university diploma (DIU) (Paris, Dijon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Clemont-Ferrand).
How long has this therapy been used internationally?
  It has been used more than 40 years with several ten of thousands of cases associated with Percutaneous Hydrotomy internationally.

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